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Motor Vehicle Documentation

Mike Gascoigne, BSc, MS, CEng, MIChemE, FISTC.

I am a freelance technical author, based in the south of England. I have produced service and repair manuals for the motor vehicles illustrated below. This type of documentation usually involves an evaluation phase, reviewing the manufacturer's literature, a workshop phase in which a car is taken apart and put back together again, and a documentation phase in which the manual is produced with all the relevant diagrams and photographs.

These manuals are written for amateur mechanics and motor enthusiasts and are available for sale in bookshops and garage forecourts.

Vauxhall Calibra CitroŽn C15 Van
Vauxhall Calibra Citroën C15 Van
Volvo 740 FIAT Cinquecento
Volvo 740 FIAT Cinquecento

I have also documented the operation and maintenance of forklift trucks, for industrial use.

Forklift Truck

Please let me know if you have any products or procedures that require documentation. In addition to private and industrial vehicles, I am also interested in:

I can produce manuals as printed books, disks, CD-ROMs or Web pages. If you have any documentation requirements, please contact me on:

Tel: 01252-874489

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Mike Gascoigne

Mike Gascoigne

Please note, I am not the famous Mike Gascoyne who works for Jordan, designing Formula One racing cars. It's pure coincidence that we both have the same name (except for the spelling) and we both work on motors in different ways.

For other books by Mike Gascoigne see Anno Mundi Books.

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