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This page describes just one of the many documentation projects I have worked on. For details of my other projects, see my home page.

Hewlett-Packard ME Series 30

In 1986/87 I was in Böblingen, near Stuttgart, Germany for one year, working on the documentation of the Hewlett-Packard ME Series 30 Computer Aided Design system (CAD). I worked with a team of technical authors who were mostly concerned with the User Manual, and I was solely responsible for both the System Manual and Interfacing Manual.

The HP ME Series 30 is a solid modelling system, used for mechanical engineering and other engineering design purposes. The system runs on HP9000 Series 300 workstations, using the HP-UX AXE operating system. HP-UX is the HP implementation of UNIX, and AXE is a subset of HP-UX known as the Application Execution Environment.

System Manual

The System Manual describes the following:

Interfacing Manual

The Interfacing Manual describes links to NC and FE systems in greater detail, and is basically an expansion of the Data Exchange chapter of the System Manual. It includes the following:

I worked on this contract some time ago and I am not in any way a representative of Hewlett-Packard. However, many of the systems described on this page are still in operation and I am available for documentation projects on any of them. I am also interested in any other CAD/CAM projects and I can do my own design work using AutoCAD. Please get in touch with me if you have any enquiries.

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