Bad Instructions Cost Money!

We can help you with your manuals, help systems and websites.

The consequences of bad instructions are:

  • Loss of reputation and status of your company. Your customers won't come back if they can't understand how to use your products and services.
  • Increased cost of support calls, as your staff have to answer questions about things that should have been in the manual.
  • Loss of morale among your staff, as the queue for support gets longer and they have to deal with frustrated customers.
  • If the instructions are for use by your own staff, you will be paying them to waste their time on unproductive activities.

Don't risk it! Hire a professional technical author!

"We can ask our developers to do it."

Don't make this mistake. It leads to all sorts of problems. Your developers already know too much about your product and cannot write about it from the user's point of view. They tend to write about what they did recently and can't remember what went on during the earlier stages of the project. The manual looks like a set of appendices with the main text missing. You need a professional technical author who has the important advantage of being in the same position as the customer who has just opened the package.

Don't take shortcuts! It will cost you more in the end!

Mike Gascoigne, Write_on

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